Our Values

Our Principles and values.

Focusing basically on the knowledge construction, trying to crash the teaching traditional paradigms and inserting our community members into a dynamic learning system, driving them to a “learning for a good life” without human neglects or rejections on the intellectual, emotional or social areas.

Developing in our students’ abilities and skills not just technical but also humans as priority of our LBM system.

Our community is driven by a code of conduct that is basically sustained on the following values:

Freedom with responsibility

All our members will act with independency of criteria, reflection and creativity, exercising their freedom of thinking, investigation, and expression with responsibility since the early stages and with the support in which they require it for the optimal development.

The community will promote the freedom of research and teaching as basis of the knowledge creation era, giving with this a step to:

  • Discovering their own strengths: where each member of the community, through experiences, can: know, recognize, discover and strength those areas where their abilities and skills are stronger and with that can help and support all the opportunity areas to improve and create an integral being.
  • Establish own goals: Along the different educative levels that LBM is offering, the student will be able to fix their own goals to success on his/her life as it is promoted on “Exceptional talents for life” programme. .

Tolerance and no discrimination with a global-human sense orientated vision:

As we live in a global culture, we promote the diversity, with the thought that “The genuine knowledge must be created and shared only in a respectful environment.” Due this, our community will look for plurality in respectful environments, totally rejecting any kind of discrimination motivated by: ethnic, nationality, gender, age, disabilities, any social, health or economical condition, religion, opinion, preferences, civil status, or any other that attack directly or indirectly the human dignity.

Honesty and integrity:


All our community members behave ethically, being honest, austere, congruent, and promoting justice and equity on all our acts.

Solidarity and teamwork:


We promote the collaborative work to achieve the collective success. The community will be part on the joint actions to favour the benefit of the institutional community and surrounds.

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Aviso de Privacidad

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